Payment & Delivery


We can accept bank wire transfer only for 2 reasons:

  1. Bank wire transfer allows us not to add to the price additional amount which will cost online payment transfer.
  2. It secures us from any fraud being able to sell online. For example, we cannot verify if the card which is used for online payment is stolen or not.

We do understand that bank transfer may seem insecure for a customer. In this situation we recommend our customers to enter Leica official website www.leica-camera.com . Then go to page “LEICA DEALER LOCATOR” under menu “STORES & DEALERS” , type “Millennium” until search will suggest you to pick up “LEICA BOUTIQUE MILLENNIUM UHREN INNSBRUCK” which is registration name of our company (you can read more in About Us page). There you will see our company data with website address:


Our shop with few exception can deliver Leica products within 2-5 working days after receipt of payment.

Delivery cost includes top level insurance and may vary from 50 to 150 EUR depending on the country of delivery.