Dear Customers,

In the end of June Leica started sales of new Leica M-E (Type 240)
We tried to collect customers’ opinions and sum it up in short.

1. Leica M-E (Type 240) is an old M240 but cheaper (about 2000 USD cheaper) and better even though technically nearly the same.

2. Today, it is the cheapest M type cam with a very little sacrifice of the cam capacity compared to the top level models.

3. It has bigger body than M10 but battery is bigger as well.

In short, the premium M10-P is 7500 EUR with taxes (6250 EUR without VAT for outside EU) and new M-E (type 240) is 3950 EUR with VAT (3292 EUR without VAT). Technically those two cams are very close to each other but pricewise hmmm …

Please, share your opinion and make orders. We would like to hear your thoughts and follow up your orders as good as Leica deserves.

Kindly yours,
Lcameras.com team.